Although both of them have term ‘poker’ in it, online poker and video poker are two diverse casino games. Suppose you are the beginner in this industry of casino online and looking to try out your luck in the games, you should describe difference between the regular poker online and the video poker.

What is the difference?

Both these games generally follow the similar basic poker rules, and have the different set of the winning strategies & rules in the terms of game play and scoring. Generally, poker online is the casino game where the competition isn’t the house, but other players on the table; whereas video poker is the solitary game where you have to play against house alone and odds of winning are also predetermined.

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Rules of the game

There’re probably many interesting differences that happen in both the games – game rules & hand rankings being very specific. In the video poker games, you have to play against the machine with 53 card pack (including joker). It’s more like the solitaire. It only delivers cards and nobody to bluff you. Hand rankings are same for the regular poker online & video poker that generally ranges from the high card, to pair, 2 pair, 3 of the kind, straight, full house, flush, 4 of kind, and the royal flush.

However, unfortunately, similarities end there. Amount of the winnings is straight related on how good the hand you will make in an end. The regular Poker indonesia online is played in different ways; however you have to compare the best 5 card hand of your opponents at the end of an ever game. Not like in the video poker, where you may replace the initial 5 cards anytime and make the best poker hand. Thus, power of the hand determines if you win a jackpot or not.

A bit of difference lies in betting rules of every poker game. In the video poker, all betting is actually done before game starts. You may likely to pick the machine or casino game online to place the bets. Generally, you may place the stakes over 5 times. Alternatively, in poker online, you may bet in each turn. Amount of bets generally depend on which kind of poker you will play. It is either pot limit, fixed, or no limit. Suppose you don’t want to place he bet, you may have fold, but that will not allow you have any kind of winnings.